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Schedule Your Rehearsal

Please read before making a booking,

If you have just discovered us please call Joy on 07941 902996 to introduce yourself and so we know who you are when you schedule your first rehearsal.

All rehearsals are booked by yourself on our Google Calendar, please see how to use it in the instructions below, or call us if there are any problems.

How to use the booking Calendar

If this is your first booking, please create an account using facebook or choose your own user and password. This means you easily book again or view up coming bookings.

Our 4 hour rehearsal sessions are split into:

  • Morning 9am till 1pm

  • Afternoon 2pm till 6pm

  • Evening 7pm till 11pm

Please select either then the date.

On mobile: If the date is green the slot is free / If it is greyed out it has already been booked.

On desktop: Available dates should be selectable and greyed out if not.

Once booked you should receive a confiramtion email, if you didn't receive one please see instructions below .

How to schedule a Block Booking

Our scheduled sessions on the calandar have an hour in-between as a cool off period to prevent bands crossing over.

This means that you can't book more than one 4 hour slot at a time.

If you would like to book both afternoon and evening slots for example, please check both slots are free then book them individually one after each other.

To say thank you for booking multiple sessions, you will receive the hour between sessions for free.

I made a booking but didn't receive an email

You can only make a booking on an available session, if you go back to the calandar to book your session again is it still available?

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